Sue Erickson

I have lived in the city of New Brighton for many years, have served on the Planning Commission and was an election judge for many years. My professional background throughout my career was in the legal field as a paralegal.

Gina Bauman


I have lived in the city of New Brighton for many years and served on the City Council from 2006 - 2017. My professional background has been as a small business owner and in finance and office management.

We decided to start our podcast because of our many years of involvement in our own community and want to share our knowledge of how local government works and why it is important for you to know as well.

The first layer of government is always local and it affects your life more than you may believe.

Our intent is to include local issues in every city and town in Minnesota and how it connects us together.

We are asking for your input regarding any issues with your city, school board or counties – good or bad – we will gather the information, and guide you with facts that will help promote solutions that benefit all.

In the meantime we will be addressing on our podcasts on the basic issues of Budget and Taxes, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, Elections, School Bond Referendums, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Legislation, etc.

We would like to include you in our conversation.  If you have ideas for us that you want us to discuss, please contact us shown below.

Eventually we will be taking Skype calls.